We meet to pray before the morning worship service.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to come and participate. During this time we lift up prayer for our people and ministries, missionaries, and each other.  Bring your request and we will lift it up to Jesus.

We meet in Classroom #6 located upstairs behind the stage.


The first time you visit New Hope, here’s what you can expect…

There is no dress code (we trust modesty would prevail), so wear what is comfortable to you.  Greeters at the door and servers during the service can give you any assistance if needed. If you are a follower of Christ, we think you will be enriched by the ministry opportunities available to you, and for every member of your family.

If you are new to the “church” scene, everything said about followers of Christ is also applicable to you. We have a hospitality center--usually hot coffee and tea and some baked treats. In addition, let us help make you feel at ease about joining us in worship. During the service itself, we sing some songs. Feel free to sing along or you may like to listen. We usually stand while we sing; and we try not to put too many songs back to back so standing isn’t a hardship on anyone. If you are unable to stand, or just prefer sitting…

that's all right, too.

We offer communion every week. This is a time in the service when we remember that Jesus died for our sins. To help us remember we have small crackers and little cups of grape juice that we eat and drink that represent the body and blood of Jesus. It is like a memorial service with a happy ending, because Jesus didn’t stay dead, but rose from the grave, conquering death once and for all. However, we never want to forget that our access to God is only made possible because of what Jesus did for us by dying on the cross. It is a pretty big deal to us!

You will hear a message from God’s word, and it is our desire that it will help you think about Jesus Christ and be challenged to enter into a relationship with Him. God is incredible, and He has provided the very best for us in His Son, Jesus.

We do receive an offering. The offering is an act of worship by those who love Jesus and love His Church. We recognize that there are costs involved in an alive ministry, and we are really thankful that New Hope is alive. If this is your first time with us, no pressure. However, if you are motivated to share, we will let you. 

Someone will shake your hand.

We hope that we will have the chance to talk to everyone that graces us with their presence on Sunday morning.  If you have any questions about New Hope or the worship service, feel free to ask one of our greeters or Pastoral staff.  

We look forward to seeing you.