give yourself

to the mission of the gospel

The gift of the gospel is meant for everyone and we encourage those who are following Jesus to discover ways to make His name known, starting in our neighborhood, and reaching to the furthest parts of the world.   


Fulfilling the Great Commission as mandated by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20  is something we strive to participate in at New Hope.  It is the call of every Christ follower to share the gospel and make disciples. We know we are limited to our location, so we also partner with people who are taking the Gospel and the love of Jesus beyond our Everett community and into other cultures around the world.

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New Hope exists and is able to serve our South Everett community because of the financial support and faithfulness of those who are a part of it. 

If you would like to donate and help support this on-going ministry, we are thankful for your sacrifice and  gift to the kingdom.

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