l.i.f.e. classes

We make every effort to provide ample opportunities to grow up in Christ, by speaking and teaching the truth of God’s word.

Each LIFE (Living In Christ Everyday) class is designed to help the serious follower of Jesus take another step of growth, to develop another skill, habit or discipline to assist in deepening their walk with the Lord. Each class builds on the previous class, because maturity is a process. While the goal is certainly to complete the classes, it is equally important to participate in each. We expect every man and woman who calls New Hope home to make a personal goal to complete the LIFE Class Series.

NH101: Beginning With ChristGetting Started with New Hope 

NH201: Basic Training – Developing Spiritual Maturity  

  NH301: Body Life – Discovering My Ministry

NH401: Biblical Worldview – Fulfilling His Mission   

For more more information about LIFE classes contact Pastor David