• Enrichment Group

    Wednesday, March 13, marks the beginning of eight weeks of gathering together for fellowship, spiritual formation, study of God’s Word and enrichment. We will meet on each Wednesday night through May 1 from 6:30-8:00PM in the downstairs fellowship hall.

    We will begin with a light supper (so you don’t have to cook or eat before you come). The goal of our time together is to fill our hearts and minds with the mind of Christ, and look to Him for our guidance in faith and practice; like fertile soil establishing firm and healthy roots that result in bearing fruit that shows on the outside what is present on the inside, namely the Spirit of God. We sure hope you will plan on attending.

    If you have questions about the Wednesday gathering, contact the church office. 



    Each L.I.F.E. (Living In Faith Everyday) class is designed to help the serious follower of Jesus take another step of growth, to develop another skill, habit or discipline to assist in deepening their walk with the Lord. Each class builds on the previous class, because maturity is a process. While the goal is certainly to complete the classes, it is equally important to participate in each. We expect every man and woman who calls New Hope home to make a personal goal to complete the L.I.F.E. Class Series.

    NH101: Beginning With Christ – Deciding to Follow Jesus

    NH201: Basic Training – Developing Spiritual Maturity  

    NH301: Body Life – Discovering Your Ministry

    NH401: Biblical Worldview – Fulfilling His Mission  

  • Prayer Group


    An open prayer group for anyone before our Sunday morning service.

    Come join us as we share with God our burdens, concerns, and thanksgiving for all He continues to do in our lives.  We are blessed to have a God who hears our cries and will not forsake His people.