1/16/2022 - Update

We continue to meet at the church every Sunday morning and for other activities like the men's breakfast and women's Bible study.

We encourage spacing, lots of hand washing, and taking care of yourself. If you're experiencing symptoms, please stay home. And if you're more comfortable wearing a mask, wear one. 

We also want to encourage to BE IN CHURCH. Your family misses you! And you need to be here.

8/12/2021 - HEAD'S UP!

A person who attended New Hope Christian Church on Sunday, August 8th, was diagnosed with COVID-19 this week. They were wearing a mask, so that's good. We will be doing some extra cleaning at the church on Saturday, too.

The men's breakfast on Saturday morning and Sunday's church service will go on as scheduled.

Be in prayer for this person...we're protecting their privacy. But God knows who it is.

8/10/2021 Quick update

Hello New Hope and friends,

Each week we look forward to gathering together!

We are aware of precautions, and we know you all are, too. We want to remain as reasonable and keep you as safe as possible so we continue to:

  • Disinfect the bathrooms to the best of our ability.
  • Provide coffee.
  • Arrange the chairs in the auditorium a little more widely spaced than usual.
  • Package communion and make it available for all who wish to partake.
  • Receive tithes and offerings in bags collected by our ushers during the service.
  • Allow mask-wearing. We will not have masks on hand. If you feel safer wearing a mask, you are certainly free to do so.

Important: Also, if you have predisposed health issues or any symptoms that may cause you to even wonder if you might be sick, please stay home; much like we would with any virus or flu we might contract. We will continue to post the sermons on the resources page of our website and in the Facebook Group by Sunday evening, with outlines available for download, if you want to take notes.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone!


Pastor David